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Restoring the balance in your life, reflexology for health relaxtion and renewal. A space for people to understand their well-being in a more all-encompassing, compassionate way, no matter how old or young they are. 

As a reflexologist in Southville, Bristol, my goal is to treat your wellbeing as a whole, using holistic techniques that de-stress your mind and allow your body to heal, leaving you feeling calmer and more rested. 

I have run a successful reflexology practice in south bristol for over 10 years. I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and have been a member since qualifying as a reflexologist back in 2010. To visit the AoR’s website just click here (

Book a reflexology  treatment in Bristol at The Practice Rooms on North Street. Easily accessible from from Bristol City Centre, Southville, Bedminster, Windmill Hill, Hotwells, Clifton, Totterdown, Knowle, and Bishopsworth.

I have a special interest in women's health and offer specialised fertility reflexology & pregnancy reflexology.

Reflexology can:

Help relaxation
Improve mood
Aid sleep
Help relieve tension and stress
Improve sense of wellbeing
Provide Pre and Post natal pregnancy support

As a reflexologist I am consulted for various reasons including:

Stress and tension
Depression and anxiety
Digestive disturbances
Hormonal imbalances (including PMS and menopausal symptoms)
Back pain
Chronic conditions

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-invasive and relaxing complementary therapy that aims to optimise both physical and emotional health. It works by massaging and stimulating specific points (usually on the feet but sometimes on the hands and ears) called reflex points. These points correspond to different parts of the body. I work holistically to treat the whole person not just the symptoms.

Reflexology Treatment & The Benefits of Reflexology

Receiving Reflexology treatments can offer so many benefits to individual clients including optimising wellbeing. Wellbeing is so much more than just the absence of illness as it also encompasses an improved frame of mind, positive emotions, improved relationships and increased resilience. With improved wellbeing you are able to view life more positively.

With so many stressors in modern living it can sometimes be hard to achieve balance and happiness. Stress may effect us both physically and emotionally; long terms stress can affect numerous systems in the body and is thought to be responsible for many illnesses. It is therefore important to look for ways of reducing your stress and Reflexology is one such way!

Reflexology can improve well being, it can help you relax and sleep better which will in turn can make you feel better - anecdotally many people find that many other symptoms improve as well and the only way to know if reflexology will help you is to try it!


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